MovNat is a game changer. Natural Movement is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in the Fitness Industry. It will change your life, and I can help!

I’m a Master Trainer and one of the longest standing MovNat Certification & Workshop Team Instructors. I’ve traveled all over the world teaching Natural Movement to so many different kinds of people. Hopefully you’ll be one of them.


My gym in Houston, Texas is a MovNat Licensed Facility where I also teach weekly Natural Movement classes and host MovNat Workshops & Certifications.

In addition to teaching in places like China, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, having my own space and base of students has allowed me to expand on priceless movement research and refine my own unique approach.

Check out a couple of progressions I put together for one of the fundamental techniques found within the system, the Side Bent Sit Get Up. Try it!


Natural Movement Fitness really is for everyone! I’ve seen it enhance the life of both Doctor and Patient.

Physical Therapists marvel at its astonishing effectiveness at restoring mobility, amputees learn new ways to adapt and get around easier, and everyday householders are amazed by the real world practical applicability and the desire to play that returns. You will be, too! Watch this.