I ended up doing Handstands on accident. Yoga became a big part of my life in my late teens and I quickly became fascinated with being inverted. The fresh rush of blood that came when performing movements like Crow and Crane Pose and Headstand variations was addicting. It wasn’t until years later that I would even think of a handstand, but I was still practicing.


There was a relatively short phase in my late twenties where I dabbled in Kung Fu and Capoeira. That’s when it started!

The foundation I developed through my years of rough housing, playing traditional sports and weight lifting when I was younger was already there. Then, the flexibility and hand balancing strength I gained from my Yoga practice was the icing on the cake. When I started to explore outside of the confined space of my Yoga practice I found I was capable of way more.

I ended up on my hands a lot in the Martial Arts classes and it felt good.


I still had no formal training at this point. I had only gone to a handful of Yoga classes, but we never did handstands. It was all self-taught exploration…movement research.

Then, Parkour happened to me when I turned 30. I started going to workshops and events and meeting all kinds of movement pros willing to share everything they knew. We just played by our own rules and made all kinds of shapes. “Be like a tree.”, is something that always sticks with me from one of my favorite teachers and humans, Laurent Piemontesi. Then, this kind of stuff started to happen regularly.