Who is cameron Pratto

I had a life-saving introduction to yoga at 20 years old while I was incarcerated. I stumbled upon parkour in 2008 shortly after turning 30. The Natural Movement education system found me five years later. The majority of the time, I was working in the IT industry as a help desk admin, systems engineer and corporate teacher. In 2013, which is the same year I joined the MovNat team, I gave up the cubicle lifestyle and started coaching full-time. Most recently I’ve been practicing vegetarianism and learning from a new teacher…a Himalayan Monk.


I sold, built and fixed computers in retail environments at the same time I was learning to walk on my hands and performing in spoken word poetry slam competitions. I ended up managing an entire IT department for an architectural firm with multiple locations and worked for a managed services organization where we were the outsourced IT services for multiple mid-size companies like the YMCA. That got boring. I was otherwise always at the gym or outdoors, lifting weights, running, swimming, mountain biking and playing squash until I saw Parkour in a Madonna video.


I’ve also started two of my own companies: One was IT-related where we provided technological services to residential and small business clients, and the other is health-related where we teach movement, and social and emotional learning to an extremely diverse population of students. We even teach kids in drug rehabilitation centers and high-risk schools. Additionally, I created a first-of-its-kind program called Adaptive Movement where we provided movement teachings to those with amputations, and spinal cord and brain injuries. I’ve also volunteered for a local non-profit in Houston called In-Powered Through One Significant Act where I assisted their group in teaching movement (Yoga) in prison.


Traveling the world, teaching people from all walks of life, I’ve worked in all kinds of environments from coaching through a translator to successfully guiding movement sessions without saying a word. In nearly each location I’ve traveled - USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South Africa, India, China, Australia and New Zealand - I’ve lived with locals to absorb the maximum amount of culture and to become as resourceful and adaptable as possible. I made some amazing friends along the way…a global movement family.


As I’ve been welcomed into so many homes and gyms around the globe, I want to invite you to my place. Share nutritious food, movement and conversation with like-minded humans. Challenge yourself to embrace a non-linear path of rapid personal growth through whole brain learning. Upgrade your entire state of being by exponentially increasing your capability and capacity for balancing movement and stillness.