Cameron Pratto

A 5-day intensive Rooted in Parkour & Natural Movement

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Nov 4-8, 2019


more than a workshop…It’s a


Five+ hours each day for five days to explore more than 20 years of experience teaching, training and troubleshooting. Dive deep into the intricacies of parkour and natural movement. Improve and diversify your hand balancing skills. Learn a little bit of yoga and how to meditate. Explore components of other methods I’ve been influenced by like Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey, Animal Flow, Art Du Deplacement and more.

An existing personal movement practice is preferred as the material and load being delivered may be too much for inexperienced beginners. Experienced beginners, intermediate, advance and instructor level students are encouraged to attend.


What to Expect


9:00AM - 2:00PM Monday through Friday. Each student will be able to customize their path and refine their style within the construct of the course. Two of the five days will be spent mostly outdoors: One day in an urban environment and one day in nature. The training facility will be open one hour before and one hour after the indoor sessions (i.e. 8am-3pm).

A vegetarian lunch and healthy snacks will be provided each day spent indoors. There will also be a guided meditation every evening from 8:00PM - 9:00PM and opportunities to be of service around the gym before and after.


About The Coach


“After opening a one-of-a-kind movement school (Urban Movement) in 2011, around the time I ended a 15-year IT career, there was no turning back from fully adopting a movement lifestyle. Parkour and Natural Movement were a culmination of all my previous athletic pursuits…I was hooked. I quickly ended up befriending, training and teaching along side the founders of each of these practices and their students. I also spent five years as a MovNat Team Instructor traveling the world teaching workshops and certifications. I picked up so many tips and tricks along the way and inevitably developed some of my own. Now, I want to share them with you.”



“Dancing with obstacles.” This is often how I’ve described my style of training. Even the floor can be an obstacle. Regardless of the environment the goal is to isolate individual techniques, integrate them to learn mindful transitions and improvise often enough to be effective, efficient and creative in your movement. Mastering the basics leads to exponential growth.


Lifting, carrying, throwing and catching are the main additions the Natural Movement system focusses on that aren’t generally found in a Parkour practice. Most of the other movements are the same; they just have different names. The primary benefit of this method is the learned ability to deconstruct techniques and find scalable solutions to fit just about any body.


Balance and dexterity are huge components of this, as well as spatial awareness and fall prevention. The ability to get up and down from the ground multiple ways without using your hands. To move without pain. Various ground flows, ball and stick games are often used to improve hand-eye coordination and increase active ranges of motion throughout.



Being still is often harder than moving. Although there are meditative qualities found in repetitive tasks like training or cleaning dishes, proper meditation only happens when sitting still with good posture. A regular meditation practice is an integral part of a movement lifestyle. Self-reflection and time made to disconnect from distractions.




houston, texas

Enjoy exclusive access to a 4,000 sqft. air-conditioned training facility near the Greater Heights. Explore the Downtown and Memorial Park areas of one of the largest cities in the United States. Houston is pretty spread out, but we’ll be centrally located inside of the 610 Loop. It still usually takes about 10-15 minutes to get anywhere by car.



I spent five days training parkour and natural movement with Cameron in Houston. He led me through a wide range of skills and challenges in the gym and in the urban environment, encouraging me to try things outside my comfort zone and push my physical limits safely. Cameron’s ability to clearly communicate progressions, point out inefficiencies, and demonstrate proper technique really helped improve my kinesthetic awareness and proficiency as a mover. I came away from the experience with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to practice on my own. Cameron Pratto brings the right mix of heart, seriousness and levity to the practice of the art du deplacement. I highly recommend Cameron and the rest of his team at Urban Movement.
— Damian Taggart, CEO, Wildist Inc.
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